Indoor Light Level Assessment

From the workers’ perspective, poor lighting at work can lead to eye‐strain, fatigue, headaches, stress and accidents. On the other hand, too much light can also cause safety and health problems such as “glare” headaches and stress. Both can lead to mistakes at work, poor quality and low productivity. Various studies suggest that good lighting at the workplace pays dividends in terms of improved productivity and a reduction in errors. For example, in the ILO Manual, Improving Working Conditions and Productivity in the Garment Industry, it indicates that improved lighting in some factories resulted in a 10% increase in productivity and a 30% reduction in errors. CEAS also support indoor light level assessment & we maintain IFC light level rules.

Indoor Noise Level Assessment

Noise is probably one of the most widespread and underestimated of industrial hazards. High noise levels are experienced in many parts of the garment & other large industry. if the sound/noise levels are too high it is clear that workers can have their hearing damaged, in some cases permanently. So we can support you to assessment of indoor noise level various location in your industry.

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